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August 2023: Hero Highlight

Photographer Corky Lee:

"There's a photograph from 2014 of two trains facing each other against a wide-open sky. Gathered between the trains and on top of them are a group of Chinese Americans - young, old, some dressed in the style of the 1800s, others in modern jackets and jeans. The photo was taken by Corky Lee, a man known for bringing Asian Americans to the forefront of history through his work. -" NPR Interview

"But when you look closely at the photograph, there are no Chinese in that photograph. It always irked me why they were not there."- Corky Lee

"The main goal of Lee’s work is to chronicle and explore the diversity and nuances of Asian American culture overlooked by mainstream media and to make sure Asian American history is included as a part of American history. In a quote from Asianweek he said that photography has a distinct purpose ‘…every time I take my camera out of my bag, it’s like drawing a sword to combat indifference, injustice, and discrimination, trying to get rid of stereotypes.’

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