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Rally against hate flyer.jpg

The "Against Hate - Lantern Parade for Inclusion" event with the theme

"Love, Not hate; Unity, Not division; Inclusion, Not Exclusion"

Was a powerful and meaningful gathering. It's heartening that representatives from various community organizations came together to support this cause.

President Brocade Wu Harmon's tribute to the mass shooting victims of Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay sets a solemn tone and reminds every one of the importance of addressing hate and promoting unity. The lineup of speakers, including elected officials like Councilman Kent Lee, Councilman Stephen Whitburn, District Attorney Summer Stephan, Police Chief David Nisleit, State Assemblyman Chris Ward, and former Councilmember & Assemblyman Tom Hom, reflects a strong commitment to these important issues. Their passionate speeches on unity, stopping hate, reducing gun violence, and addressing mental health had been inspiring.

Following the rally, the Lantern Parade led by Grand Marshall Tom Hom and the Lunar New Year Fair celebrating the Year of the Rabbit added a festive and celebratory aspect to the event, showing that unity and inclusion can be joyful and vibrant.

Overall, this event was a significant and impactful way to rally against hate and promote inclusion in the community.

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